Nick Castner interviews Hannah Huston for an upcoming episode of The Commonwealth.
Photo by Travis Eubanks


Alec was an overworked journalist. Nick was an exhausted startup employee. A mutual friend forced them to grab beers together and forty-five minutes later, they had a new project to fill their nonexistent time. This podcast soon took on a life of its own. Nick starting hounding connections to book guests and Alec worked long evenings producing the content. Alec willingly switched jobs to a marketing firm while Nick was laid off from his startup. Over the span of six months, this is what they created.

America’s ability to create value has been crucial to its success. However, the current data surrounding innovation in this country is at historic lows. This issue is far too complicated for our team to solve. But our reaction is to talk to the outliers. The people who share a common goal to disrupt an industry. This is The Commonwealth.

“Just discovered your podcasts. They are great! As someone who has only recently begun to explore both journalism and entrepreneurship, I have great appreciation for what you do. I would be grateful if we could connect.”

Razia Aziz

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